Friday, 20 October 2017

"SanDiego Homes" (The Nottingham) - October 6, 2017

My Wife and I are Proud owners of a SanDiego Homes, The Nottingham.
From our first contact with San Diego Homes, we were greeted with Professionalism and smiling informative Sales Staff, we also had the pleasure of being personally introduced to the Owner, Diego. Rizzardo.
We visited a few more times before purchasing.
We chose our lot and the rest is history.
They built a fine home for us, following our requests to the letter in accuracy and completeness.
Any items that required altering were attended to quickly and correctly.
It has been a very pleasurable experience dealing with SanDiego Homes and all their competent staff.
Thank you so much, Sandra and Diego Rizzardo.
Arlene and Richard

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